Not For Profit

A&A Management has provided assurance, tax, and business consulting services to not-for-profit clients since its inception in 1979. Not-for-profit clients are a large part of our firm’s overall practice. Our not-for-profit clients range from organizations with very large revenue streams to those with resources as small as several thousand dollars.

Several years ago, we established our not-for-profit industry team to maximize the quality and delivery of our services. A&A Management’s not-for-profit industry team exists both to serve our not-for-profit clients more efficiently and to continue deepening our knowledge of the industry, especially as our clientele in this group continues to grow.

The team comprises professionals who have considerable experience working with not-for-profit organizations and are genuinely committed to the industry. The expertise and size of the team enables us to provide the many services our clients need the most—all within one firm.

With one of the largest staffs in the Commonwealth, our team’s experience is substantial and extensive. Government-related and not-for-profit organizations face a variety of unique accounting and income tax issues, and we stand ready to help.