Financial Institutions

A&A Management understands the unique challenges that financial institutions are facing in today's dynamic business environment. We understand that changes, growth, and competition have added complexity to the operations, organizational structure, and risk management of financial institutions.

We have been providing services to financial institutions for over 20 years. Our clients include community banks, savings institutions, holding companies, mortgage companies, and investment companies.

We specialize in many different services for financial institutions:

Audits, Reviews, and Compilations
A&A Management's audit approach requires a sound understanding of a client's operations and their control environment. Our auditors have extensive knowledge and experience in the financial institutions industry and can provide our clients with benchmark results and best practices to help them succeed in the competitive environment that we are faced with today. We believe in utilizing a consistent team throughout an engagement and also believe very strongly in proper planning. We use procedures that mesh with each client's operations, systems, and procedures. We will not waste your resources, or ours, in using standardized approaches that are not practical for your environment. Our audit approach ensures that we deliver an effective and efficient audit to our clients on a timely basis.

Tax Return Preparation and Tax Planning
We specialize in strategic tax planning for financial institutions and can assist you in planning for the future to minimize federal, state, and local taxes. Our tax professionals work closely with our auditors to create a more efficient approach to the preparation of tax returns. We will also strive to ensure that you are aware of any new changes in the tax environment and can provide any assistance needed in implementing these changes within your organization.

Internal Audit and Internal Control Evaluations
A&A offers a process-driven approach that is risk-based and customized to the needs of your financial institution. In doing this, it helps us to focus on areas of significant risk, which reduces time spent on lower-risk areas.

There are many benefits of an effective internal audit function:

  • Identification of opportunities to improve efficiency within your operations
  • Risk assessment and detection
  • Verification of compliance with banking regulations
  • Verification of adherence to internal policies and procedures of the bank
  • Reduction of annual financial statement audit cost

Regulatory Compliance
Making sure you stay in compliance with the multitude of state and federal banking regulations is a continuous challenge. Our regulatory compliance experts can assist you with implementing new and existing regulations, evaluating your level of compliance, developing a compliance program, and making recommendations for improving the effectiveness your compliance programs and procedures that are currently in place.

Loan Review
A strong loan review function is a necessity for management to properly assess the overall quality of the loan portfolio. Our loan review experts include experienced bank auditors and former bankers. A&A’s approach to loan review consists of assessing the credit worthiness of selected borrowers, ensuring compliance with the bank’s loan policies and procedures, assessing the overall quality of the loan portfolio and communicating opportunities for improvement with management.

Information Technology Reviews and Consulting
Too often, customer demands do not allow your staff to take the time necessary to evaluate or implement cost-saving techniques. Our technology auditing services are designed to find real-cost savings and opportunities for process improvement. We can determine whether your technology costs are too high or you can get more out of your current systems. We can also provide the jump-start it sometimes takes to get one of these improvements started, from identifying an opportunity to implementing a complete solution.