Energy, Oil & Natural Resources

While tax codes, regulations, and other factors affecting the Energy and Natural Resources sector are ever changing, A&A Management has remained a constant source of valuable expertise. For nearly three decades, we have helped companies such as yours confront the industry’s most challenging issues by providing prudent advice and timely service.

A&A Management is a recognized expert in the natural resource consulting and compliance areas. Personnel involved in this practice regularly receive specialized training, attend regional seminars, and speak locally. Extensive training and on-the-job experience has enabled A&A Management’s natural resource consulting and compliance group to provide creative, sound, and effective assistance to our natural resource clients.

Clients & Services
The extractive process can be a complex one, and the unique factors and conditions of the particular job or site, along with the regulations that govern it, often complicate the business operation. Further, market volatility and tax codes sometimes make it difficult to stay competitive and can even have a negative impact on the profitability of your company’s energy and natural resource holdings. For these reasons, you need the professional advice of A&A Management. We provide a wide array of services to natural resource and energy clients, including financial statement audits, income tax preparation, and business valuations.

Our audit experience with natural resource entities includes substantial projects in which companies have never before been audited. Many first-time audit clients are surprised to learn that an audit is not the unpleasant experience that they dreaded. Instead, our clients comment on our efficiency, industry knowledge, and professionalism.

Our tax experience with natural resource entities spans nearly three decades. Let us put that knowledge and wisdom to work for you in negotiating the myriad tax rules that apply to one of the most complex industries in the country.

Along with tax and audit services, we offer consulting services to natural resource companies which range from business valuations to litigation support. We have the resources and energy you need to further enhance your business.