A&A Management's audit approach requires that the auditor have a sound understanding of a client's operations and the environment in which they operate. We believe in utilizing a consistent team throughout an engagement and also believe very strongly in proper planning. We use procedures that mesh with each client's operations, systems, and procedures. We will not waste your resources, or ours, in using standardized approaches that are not practical for your environment. Our audit approach ensures that we deliver an effective and efficient audit to our clients on a timely basis.

Assurance Services

  1. Agreed-upon procedures
  2. Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 compliance
  3. Employee benefit plan audits
  4. Compiled projections/forecasts
  5. Contract compliance assurance
  6. Internal control walk-throughs
  7. Government-required audits
  8. New accounting standards implementation
  9. Grant applications and reporting
  10. Budgeting assistance
  11. Accounting policies and manuals

We often utilize consulting personnel during the performance of an audit, which allows us to better understand your operations, gather evidence needed to opine on your financial statements, and give better feedback to you on operational issues. Since most controls are a process or a series of processes, by using a consultant, we not only gather the audit evidence we need, but also have engaged an individual that can gauge the efficiency of your processes as well. The consultant’s view is typically broader than the auditor; thus, our feedback to you can touch upon operational efficiencies that we have found during the performance of our audit.

We believe that this approach is unique and has not only allowed us to provide better feedback to our clients, but has also helped us to train our audit staff better. Our goal is to develop a staff of advisors that you will find valuable to your daily operations.

Our workpaper documentation system is paperless; therefore, it is easy to communicate questions and issues to the client. Our staff utilizes scanners in the field, and documents that are necessary to our workpapers are filed electronically. We often engage our technology personnel in various areas of our audits, including documenting information systems and testing the controls embedded in the systems. We also use IDEA, a data-mining software, to help us select statistically valid samples.